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Download EagleEyes Lite+ for Android 2.2 or later with Push Video (Free)
Download EagleEyes Lite for Android 2.1 without Push Video (Free)
Download EagleEyes Plus+ for Android 2.2 or later with Push Video (US$4.99)
The EagleEyes software for Android will fulfill all your remote surveillance desire through simply touch control on the phone screen. No matter where you are and what time it is, as long as your Android phone is able to connect to the internet, you will be able to directly access to AVTECH’s products.

"EagleEyes-Lite" for the Android mobile platform is released. The software is now compatible with all AVTECH DVRs(except DR series) and all AVTECH IP cameras.

EagleEyes Operating Instructions for Android mobile phones (Take HTC Desire as an Example)
Press “+” icon on the screen. Then, enter the information needed to access to your device, such as the IP address, user name, password, port number. Exit "Address Book" after all the information needed is filled in.
Open your Android Mobile phone's browser and connect http://www.eagleeyescctv.com. Then, select "Software/Android" to download EagleEyes into your phone.
Select “Install” to begin the installation process of EagleEyes Software, After the installation is completed. Select “Open” to activate the EagleEyes Software.
Select the preview picture to enter the surveillance channel (You can repeat the previous step to add new surveillance channel)
Now you should be able to have remote surveillance at anytime from anywhere.
Support Push Video (picture A > C) & real-time event playback(picture B > C).
Support PTZ control (picture D), live audio(picture E) & snapshot function (picture D / E bottom camera icon).

Comparison of Features / Versions Lite Plus
Level of Version Lite / Lite+ Plus+
Address Book 4 200
Time Search and Playback N Y
Push Video Lite+ Only Y
Video Backup N Y
Playback (Alarm / Motion / Manual) Y Y
People Counting Y Y
Smart Zoom Control Y Y
PTZ Control Y Y
Real Time Video Streaming Y Y
Real Time Audio Streaming Y Y

Where to Buy: To know where and how to buy our products, please contact info@smartvisiondirect.com

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